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WFWP UK Summer Refreshing Retreat -day2

We started the day with morning inspirational readings followed by a short yoga session.

Joanna De Souza, the Wfwp national treasure, gave a presentation highlighting the importance of goal setting and strategy. She emphasised the need to invest in technology, engage young people, and capture a sense of unity within WFWP. Joanna suggested employing individuals, staying connected with contacts, and promoting WFWP's uniqueness online. She also proposed establishing alumni groups in each region to further develop and connect with former members.

During the retreat, it was emphasised that WFWP is experiencing a new beginning, and individuals were encouraged to find their "second self" who can eventually take their place. Opening a Charity Shop was suggested by Irina as a way to promote WFWP, attract volunteers and members. Karen Grant shared her business aspiration of running painting holidays and highlighted the empowering mantra and the value of connecting with others.

Patricia Earle's Shared about her outreach work in Birmingham she stressed the importance of being genuine, listening actively, finding common ground, and building relationships based on trust and respect. Her work background includes a strong connection to her home church and a desire to serve others guided by God. The Women's Federation for World Peace has played a significant role in her outreach journey. Starting with a call to pray fir victims of the In Bosnia war, were WFWP organised a chain prayer for peace, which taught Patricia about the power of prayer. Over time, she formed interfaith connections by bringing Christian women together and welcoming friends from different faiths. Patricia values friendship and enjoys bringing women together. She has always wanted to do something for peace and gained confidence through her relationship with God. She organises peace meetings to listen to people's stories and connect with individuals from conflict affected regions. These meetings address issues such as Peace, reconciliation and forgiveness


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