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WFWP UK Summer Refreshing Retreat -day3

We started the day with some inspirational reading about the beauty of Dance and was followed by another session of yoga in the gardens facing the rolling hills. It was a great way to center ourselves and prepare for the day ahead.

Next, we had a wonderful talk by Karen Grant on her journey of discovering art. How art had helped her on so many levels. She reads some words about Winston Churchill's personal contributions to art and how it helped him. Churchill's paintings are admired by many.

Afterward, we were introduced to a wonderful couple, Matt and Tilly, from the Harnhill Center. They, along with Karen, run Praise and Paint sessions. Karen introduced us to the world of creative art and encouraged us not to be afraid of painting. All the participants invested in painting their ideas and allowed their creativity to flow freely from the heart. Meanwhile, we were entertained by the beautiful voices of Tilly and Matt as they sang songs, and played music. We thoroughly enjoyed the entire program together.

Before dinner, many of the participants went for a final walk in this beautiful countryside setting. Before closing the day we watched the inspirational movie ‘Billy Eillot’.

Thank you to everyone who came to the retreat and invested so much of their heart and time in the program and in each other! Until next year!


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