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WFWP UK - The UN’s International World Health Day Seminar“Healthier Living”

Event to champion the right of everyone, everywhere to have access to health services,

education, and information. Highlight the importance of taking responsibility for your own health and community-based health programs that contribute to overall peace and stability.

The UN’s International World Health Day Seminar "Healthier Living," took place on

April 6 th , 2024, in London, and beautifully echoed the theme for World Health Day 2024:

"My health, my right"; The seminar was a heartwarming call to empower individuals

worldwide to claim their right to a healthier life, and highlighting the importance of

personal responsibility in matters of health.

Ms Oksana Torok warmly welcomed the audience and introduced the speakers.

During the event, engaging discussions centred around various key topics. Participants

delved into the impact of educational initiatives and efforts with women in Nigeria,

recognizing the transformative power of knowledge and empowerment in improving

health outcomes with Dr. Oko. The notion that caring for one's health is an act of love

struck a chord with all attendees, as with Rosaleen Bloomfield as an inspiring speaker,

deep connection between self-care and self-love was intellectually nurtured.

Moreover, strategies to prevent burnout, by WFWP educational representative Ena

Softic, were explained in a simple, yet deeply meaningful way. When it came to

representing women and their stages of life, Dr. Sharma delivered an effective way

to manage menopause, shedding importance on holistic wellbeing and self- care


The significance of health products and nutrition in maintaining overall well-being was

also highlighted, with Martina Coombs underlining the role of accessible and effective

healthcare solutions in promoting a healthier lifestyle as well as preventative measures

over cure. As far as holistic treatments go, speaker Bianca Madison-Vuleta highlighted

the importance of relying on self-sufficiency, trusting your body and

empirical measurements of health and its connections to our overall wellbeing.

Over the tea break, attendees had the chance to engage in networking and healthy

snacks were provided. The seminar was met with enthusiasm and positivity from the

audience, reflecting a successful and impactful engagement with these critical health

topics. The event succeeded in inspiring individuals to take charge of their health,

encouraging a sense of empowerment and advocacy for a healthier and happier life for



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