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WFWP UK: The Young Women Speech Contest Committee held a board meeting.

Over the weekend the Young Women Speech Contest Committee held a board meeting

to review and plan for the future. The meeting was divided into two segments, with the business side of the speech contest being discussed in the morning and a social gathering for alumnae in the afternoon. We were generously hosted by our board member, Mrs Karen Grant. In a beautiful venue near the Battersea Power Station.

During the morning session, committee members discussed various aspects of the speech contest, including logistics, marketing, and outreach. They also reflected on ways to improve the contest and make it more accessible to a wider audience. The committee members were enthusiastic about the contest and were committed to making it a success.

In the afternoon, some of the young women from the alumnae network joined the committee members for a social gathering. This provided an opportunity for the committee members to catch up with former contestants and hear about their experiences after participating in the contest. The alumnae also shared their ideas.

Overall, the board meeting was a productive and positive experience for the committee members. They left the meeting feeling energized and motivated to continue their work promoting the young women's speech contest and empowering young women to speak out and share their ideas with the world.


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