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WFWP UK - Women's Leadership Through Peace, Security, and Education at the Houses of Parliament

The "Women's Leadership Through Peace, Security, and Education" conference held at the House of Parliament in London on March 12, 2024, was a transformative event that highlighted the vital role of women in shaping a better world. Organised by the Women's Federation for World Peace UK, the conference brought together a diverse group of speakers and participants to explore the intersection of women's leadership, peace, security, and education.

The conference opened with Mr. Ben Everitt, Member of Parliament for Milton Keynes North, emphasizing the importance of women's leadership in creating a more peaceful and secure global community. His remarks set the stage for a series of thought provoking discussions on how women can drive positive change through education and in political participation.

One of the standout moments of the event was the moderation by Ms. Sharon Nahawungu, Co-Director of the Young Women’s Speech Contest UK. Her skilled facilitation ensured that the conversations flowed smoothly, allowing for a rich exchange of ideas among the speakers and participants.

During the event, Sonia Caweewat captivated the audience with her compelling tale. From overcoming childhood adversity to clinching the 2023 young women's speech contest, she highlighted the transformative influence of school support and sports leadership programme. This backing bolstered her self belief, paving the way for success within a nurturing community.

Prof. Sherry Delfani passionately called for investing in women, strongly believing that when women experience peace and justice, it ripples out to benefit everyone. She shed light on the pressing issue of violence against women, urging for financial support to enhance women's education and projects.

Mitty Tohma touched hearts as she spoke about the gratitude and privilege women in the UK have in terms of educational opportunities and the freedom to shape their destinies. Her words on living for others and the vital link between security and education resonated deeply with the audience.

Dr. Susan Izadkhan beautifully emphasized the transformative power of education in creating safe spaces and highlighted the pivotal role women play as change makers in society.

Nadiya Hussain brought a fresh perspective, stressing the importance of understanding the deep rooted causes of issues and fostering collaboration among stakeholders for lasting solutions.

During the interactive Q&A session, discussions bloomed around ways to harmonise efforts with decision makers and businesses to engage in peaceful outcomes amidst the turbulent global landscape. Ideas of inclusive decision making, empowering women, promoting education, embracing teamwork, advocating for change, and embracing sustainability were shared as keys to a brighter future.

The event concluded with poignant closing remarks from Mr. Everitt, who passionately urged women to consider stepping into roles within the political sphere. Stressing the crucial nature of women's contributions in shaping a balanced and secure future, his words resonated as a call to action. Encouraging unity in sowing seeds of positive change, he implored all present to join hands in creating a better future for all.


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