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WFWPI UN Office Geneva - ANNUAL REPORT 2023

In 2023, we made a substantial impact by connecting with over 200 young individuals through diverse programs aimed at empowering youth. These initiatives encompassed comprehensive training sessions such as the Youth Training on UN Advocacy, Curriculum Training, Human Rights Internship Program, Youth Peace Conference, and the Youth Conference for UN CSW.

The WFWPI UN Office in Geneva orchestrated the highly successful WFWP Youth Peace Conference, which centered on leveraging technology to foster peace and safeguard human rights. The conference featured specialized sessions with experts covering pertinent topics like diplomacy, peace-building measures, and interactive discussions on pressing concerns. Notably, the conference culminated in a Peace accord with documented resolutions for peace and reconciliation.

WFWPI UN Office Geneva Annual Report 2023
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The participants of our UN Advocacy training program held at the UN in Geneva reported that it was their inaugural experience in such a professional setting. This program not only provided skill development but also offered them a platform to represent WFWPI as delegates at the UN Social Forum 2023, enabling them to voice their aspirations for a better world at the UN.

Our involvement in UN Advocacy, specifically at the UN Intergovernmental Working Group on the Right to Development and the Expert Mechanism on the Right to Development, resulted in valuable contributions being consistently included in the formal reports of the UN. These contributions significantly focused on protecting both development and human rights.

Additionally, we hosted a compelling side event at the UN Human Rights Council that highlighted the imperative need for reforms in development cooperation through the Right to Development Approach. This event was moderated by the UN Office of the High Commissioner and featured distinguished panelists, including the Ambassador of Azerbaijan and the Director of the South Centre. 


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