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What I would do for you, Mother Earth!

IV Speech Contest for Young Women contributing to empowerment of women through education. The Speech Contest leads young women to do research and prepare to present their own ideas on one topic. Through this type of experiences, women can become closer to WFWP and wish to collaborate in the future.

There were three finalists who competed for a prize of 400 Euros. They were Anais Carolina Vega, 24, Biologist who spoke in a very structured way about what one can and should do for our Mother Earth. Some of her examples were really brilliant like that one of a net of oranges. The second candidate was Fabeyra Curiel Lopez, 24, Lawyer and the fist prize winner, whose presentation was very well knittted. The third candidate was Nerea Mafarki, 25, a dancer and singer, whose creative interaction with the public conquered us all.

The jury, composed by friends of WFWP had difficulty to decide: María Jesús Cañellas, Journalist, José Luis Barceló Director of a digital newspaper and Armando Lozano, UPF representative in Spain.

Marcia de Abreu, WFWP Spain president, gave the welcoming and closing words for the event.


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