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WFWP Stuttgard, ‘Everybody’s talking about love’

WFWP Stuttgart/Germany sent us another report about another recent event they held, on May 1, 2014 in Stuttgart:

'On May 1st, the Women’s Federation for Peace in Stuttgart held another afternoon meeting, under the title ‘Everybody’s talking about love’. Many guests, who otherwise would not have been able to attend on a week day, were able to participate because May 1st is a public holiday. In total we were a group of 16 people. After refreshments and introductions, Gabriel Schickert led us into the official part of the event with a wise saying and a prayer. Ute Lemme explained that the topic of ‘love’ would be examined using the medium of film. A few short films were presented and projected onto a large screen. The first film showed the love between animal and man with the example of a dog, and a child with Down’s syndrome. It was impressive to see just how gentle the large dog was with the insecure child! The next short film dealt with the question of if, and to what extent, people show sympathy with a stranger- a child freezing on the street. How would we have reacted in such a situation? Love between two sisters, one handicapped and wheelchair bound, was the topic of the third film. With their special ballet performance, both were able to win a prize in a dance competition. And next was the love of a bridal couple. In the film, the bride expressed her love for her groom by singing for him the wedding song ‘Look at me’ by Carrie Underwood. Parental love was depicted clearly in the film made by a man of his wife and their baby, born 15 weeks prematurely. The infant, initially connected to all kinds of tubes in an incubator, experienced over and over again the tender love of her mother and developed into a healthy, active little girl. An example of God’s love was shown in the film from the 9 year old Amira Willinghagen with her song ‘Ave Maria’. The girl with her strongly expressive vocal presentation was the 2013 winner of ‘Holland’s Got Talent’. And the final film was that from a young man in Asia who set himself the goal of doing a good deed every day. Doing good brings us no advantage, but we experience happiness in the eyes of the other. It counts to believe in goodness! We were so impressed by how this film dealt with its topic, that we watched it again straight away! After these different films, we got together again and each had the opportunity to comment on the films. The majority found the first and last films to have made the deepest impression. Our guests offered several good suggestions for the next film and meeting, which we plan to hold on Thursday 5th June. ' Here are the links to the films:

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