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WFWP Bergamo/Italy, Women of Great Value, Bergamo, 4 April 2014

WFWP Bergamo/Italy sent us this report about their recent event under the theme 'Women of great value - Women in western classical literature':'In the beginning of the evening, Giannina Figus gave a quick presentation on the local and International goals of our Federation, and she also introduced the upcoming programs.The speaker, a long time friend of the Federation and a Peace Ambassador, is a professor of Italian and Latin literature near Bergamo. His name is Giosuè Romano.He started speaking about Penelope that represented the faithful and virtuous wife, and continued with many other women in Greek, Roman and Italian literature.He ended his conference reading a chapter he wrote, that is going to be a part of a tragedy written by himself. It is about the suffering of a mother of someone who is sentenced to prison because of his crimes. She knows that his son is a criminal but still she is his mother and suffers for his son.At the end, the audience asked a few questions and Giannina Figus closed the meeting with some thoughts about motherly love, how women and mothers may love the world in a very special way!

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