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WFWP Hungary planning meeting

Parisa Nagy gave us this report about the gathering of the Hungarian ladies 'On 5th of April 2014 we had a very interactive and productive meeting of WFWP with ladies in Budapest to discuss and formulate the main focus and activities for WFWP Hungary. First we listened to Carolyn Handschin's presentation on "Women’s leadership and role" during the recent European Assembly in Venice.Carolyn picked up on 3 main points from Mother Moon's speech from July 2012. Our discussion was based on these 3 points and how we can apply them in our country. As a result, we decided that our main focus for WFWP Hungary will be to emphasize women's true value and the importance of building healthy, true families. Parallel to our activities and efforts to cooperate with other NGOs, we also plan to work with the younger women and involve them in educational programs and service projects.Our next program will be on 26th of April and involve the younger ladies. It will be on the topic of "Femininity, Divinity, Creativity". It will be a one day program of creating art on the topic and exploring true femininity.

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