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WFWP Italy,Meeting with the Nigerian Community, Rome,13 Apr 2014

Elisabetta Nistri, President of WFWP Italy, was invited by Victoria Kiomo Ezewoko - Peace Ambassador and President of the Nigerian Women Association - to attend a party she organized to celebrate the establishment of the mini-basketball GREEN TEAM NIGERIA. Main representatives of the Nigerian Community – both religious ministers of different denominations and faiths and representatives of different ethnic groups - were present.The purpose of the event was to help young boys to develop their personalities through sports. They can learn that through perseverance and strong commitment they can achieve great objectives, as testified by the son of a famous Nigerian TV character, who is a basketball champion in the National bush league. The Nigerian community cherishes the family very much and tries to convey healthy values to their children.Elisabetta Nistri expounded on the fact that diversity should not be a reason for division, but a source of exchange and enrichment. In fact, through this event she personally could experience many deep aspects and traditions in the African community. After introducing the purposes and activities of WFWP, she explained that Mother Moon's ideal encourages all women to become world leaders with a mother’s heart. She suggested to hold sisterhood ceremonies between Italian and Nigerian women. Her speech was very much appreciated by the main leaders attending the event.'By Elisabetta Nistri and Lucia Tonna

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