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WFWP Scotland, Coffee Mornings, Edinburgh

Feb and March 2014:WFWP Scotland started our monthly Coffee Morning in February. We decided to rent a small room in a Church in central Edinburgh. It is a good location, easy for everyone to reach. On 25th February we had the first Coffee morning. 11 women attended. Mrs. Bongayi Patty, a good friend of WFWP Scotland for some years, came as the speaker. She spoke about her projects, especially helping Zimbabwe rural village children through sending books, stationary, bicycles, etc. As we introduced ourselves one by one at the beginning, everyone was very relaxed after the talk. We shared some cakes and food with tea or coffee and enjoyed women’s casual time together.The second Coffee morning was on 25th March. This time there were 10 of us, including WFWP Scotland Vice-chair Tamara Mhura, who came back from Malawi. We invited Mrs. Annette West, who is a good friend of WFWP Scotland, as the speaker. She spoke about her sudden eyesight loss 10 years ago. Through receiving a lot of help from RNIB, some of her sight came back. Then she was able to complete her university degree. Now she is working in an organisation called “i women” to help ethnic minority women who have sight loss. Her positive attitude towards her trials inspired everybody else. We shared food and drink as usual and had a nice time together.

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