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WFWP London, UK, Women's Original Value

A report and reflection from WFWP London, UK, about their interesting mother-daughter study series, in Lancaster Gate, London, between February and June 2014: “One day WFWP Education seminars on the 'Original Value of Women' a three part series of presentations given by women. It was agreed and a desire by our board members that we take time to study and explore the role of women from a more internal perspective, a series of lectures were set up by Taeko Duckworth, vice chair of WFWP. We explored together the ‘Providential Role of Women’ from the Divine Principle slant, the one day seminars have been interactive and these seminars have been held at Lancaster Gate every two months. The topics were: February 'The Principles of Creation' , April 'The Human Fall' June 'The Principles of Restoration’ “ A Reflection by Christelle Kyora Ngama: “Women’s Original Value - I recently attended the Women’s Original Value Seminar which was organised by the Women’s Federation for World Peace. Aunty Taeko delivered the lecture with such thoroughness that it was impossible to miss a thing. The clarity of her lecture made the Human Fall easy to understand; Baring in mind that this is the very chapter of the Divine Principle which, due to the symbols and metaphors involved, has been described by some as “the most complex of all”. After indulging in a delicious lunch, each one of us had to give the same lecture using the same presentation for 10 minutes. I told myself that I had to be excused from that responsibility because it was only my first time. Then aunty Taeko came by to confirm the fact that I was to give the lecture for 10 minutes like everyone else. Shocking! What amazed me was that each time a part of the presentation was given by a different individual, new truth came to light. I admired how women came together from different parts of the country to teach and learn. For as long as I was there, I did not feel the usual age gap which sometime restrain me from speaking when I find myself surrounded by elders. This time, I was given the chance to stand and teach a part of the Human Fall to women who have heard and possibly taught it countless of times. My nerves were calmed by the beautiful smiling faces eager to hear my voice. So, I stood there and I spoke! To be honest 10 minutes was not enough. I wanted more time, especially because of the unexpected response I received from my audience, namely laughter and nodding. Even though we talked about Eve’s involvement in the Human Fall, I could not stop myself from thinking about the mother and daughter relationship. Especially the time where, mothers complain that their daughters do not listen to them and vice versa. The mother will have to listen to her daughter give a lecture for 10 minutes and the daughter will listen to her mother do the same. So, if you are in a situation like this, here you are given a platform to be on equal footing as learners and teachers. I stood as a young woman and presented my perception of the lecture. The atmosphere was reassuring that I did not think that “if I say that, they will think that my knowledge of this chapter is nil”. I was free to express what I know, I was free to contribute to the discussion and give my honest opinion about the topic. At the end I felt empowered! Now I know that I CAN talk about the Human Fall for 10 minutes without my audience yawning in contempt. This made my return day trip from Bolton to London worth much more than the money spent on the ticket. I would like to thank the wonderful Women’s Federation for World Peace for this exceptional innovation. I am looking forward to Restoration, the final session, which is due on June 28th - ‘Mothers bring your daughters, daughters bring your mothers’ ”

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