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WFWP Event in Korca, Albania

WFWP Albania sent us this report about their recent health event, it was the first WFWP Event in Korca. Reported by Monika Zhgaba, WFWP, Korca: "On 20th of June 2014, WFWP Albania/Korça organised an activity for local women. The title was: “The health of women is the health of the family”. The purpose of this activity was to promote health care for life-threatening women’s illnesses. There were around 30 women aged between 30 and 50 years old. First, there was a presentation about WFWP by Ms. Monika Zhgaba, chairwoman of WFWP Korca followed by a video presentation on activities of WFWP Albania, so all participants were informed about objectives, programs and campaigns that WFWP organizes. After this, Dr. Ylli Ciko very carefully tried to explain about different sickness that affect women and the way they have to take care of them. This topic created a lot of interest in the participants and the meeting then turned into a lively discussion with everybody involved. The participants were happy to have such an opportunity to hear all the information provided to them and showed interest to participate in other activities. Local TV channels report about the event."

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