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In Memoriam: Dr. Arbia Ben Ammar – Bouchiha, Tunisia

One of the early members of the WFWP’s Women’s Conference for Peace in the Middle East, Dr. Arbia Ben Ammar - Bouchiha passed away on the 4th of June 2022.

Dr Ben Ammar was a Member of Parliament, university professor and Head of Department at the National Institute of Public Health. She has been a close friend of WFWP since 1994, when she met the Organization’s Japanese members volunteering in several cities of Tunisia. She was able to attend four of the earlier “Women’s Conferences for Peace in the Middle East” and was very appreciative of our activities. Dr. Ben Ammar was a simple, unobtrusive, conscientious person and friendly to everyone! We will always remember her with love.

Eventually, WFWP recommended her to participate to the World Summit in Korea, organized by our sister organization, the Universal Peace Federation (UPF). She then became Ambassador for Peace and later joined UPF’s Global Peace Council.


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