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WFWP Denmark -Principles of Peace seminar

On Saturday March 25th the Nordic chapters of UPF (supported by WFWP )organized a one day seminar on the Principles of Peace from 10 am to 5 pm at Hotel ZOKU Copenhagen. Britta Houston and Kaori Neergaard from the Swedish and Danish chapters of WFWP were supporting and bringing guests for the event.

The seminar was attended by 17 Ambassador for Peace, religious leaders, politicians, academicians, artists, businessmen, entrepreneurs, NGO’s and UPF members, total 50 participants.

After an introductory video about UPF, three sessions of each one hour followed with the titles:

* Universal values as a foundation for peace

* The root causes of conflict

* Bringing peace and reconciliation

Dr. David Hanna presented the lectures with touching and very fitting PowerPoint slides.

Two new Ambassadors for Peace were introduced and received their certificates, pastor of the National Church of Denmark, Ellen Margrethe Gylling and poet and writer Sadaf Mirza. Britta and Kaori visited Sadaf Mirza privately at her home a few weeks later to introduce about WFWP and give True Mother´s Memoirs and arrange for future cooperation, especially in the area of women empowerment.


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