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WFWP France -Workshop « Vision and principle of Peace »

A two days workshop on « Vision and Principle of Peace » was organized jointly with UPF and

WFWP France . This program took place on July 6 and 7 in St Remy les Chevreuse near Paris

in a beautiful surrounding.

We had 16 guests coming from all over France and representing all its diversity and few

members from UPF and WFWP were supporting this workshop . Each of the participants are

Ambassador for peace and very activ . The presentation was given by Hugo Verax , the

chairman of West region, Jacques Marion , vice president of UPF Europe and Laurant Ladouce.

Hugo Veracx presented the life and work of the founders, placing them in the troubled

context of Korea and, more broadly, of a region of the world (North-East Asia) which will play

a central role in the 21st century.

Mr Marion has shown the limits of a rationalist and humanist approach to peace. True peace

unites humanity as one family around the parental heart of God. God's parental love unites

the spiritual and physical planes, as well as the masculine and feminine. All beings are

complementary. Hence an ethic of cooperation and collaboration based on altruism. In this

global approach, everyone has rights, but above all an active role to play: to serve, to

contribute, to create.

In his presentations, Laurent Ladouce showed that two problems haunt human history and

create a painful sense of 'déjà vu':

(1) How to resolve the problem between man and woman (between Adam and Eve), and

overcome the powerlessness of all religious, philosophical and scientific thinking to grasp the

issues of the couple, marriage and sexuality.

(2) How to resolve the problem between brothers (Cain and Abel) and the temptation to

violence, hatred and rejection of others that seems to have always plagued human beings.

Human beings seem to be constantly reliving a fundamental failure to achieve the good they

desire. Today we are living through the "denouement" of these two problems.

After each lecture participants had the possibility to ask questions and they were very

concentrated during the lectures.

We had also a cultural evening together which created a wonderful family atmosphere.


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