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WFWP Italy -International Day of Commemoration of victims of slavery and transatlantic slave trade,

WFWP Italy President Elisabetta Nistri opened her speech reporting of the visit of Dr. Moon to the island of Goree in 2018 after the African Summit in Dakar, and her deep prayer for the victims of slavery that from that port leaved for America but many times they never arrived there. The meeting opened with compliments from Dr. Carlo Corazza, head of the European Parliament's office in Italy, who, in addition to thanking the WFWP, invited us to work together again also at the Brussels office. A special message was given also by the Equal Opportunities Advisor from the Municipality of Rome, that representing the City Mayor offered collaboration to stop the trafficking. The working table was enriched by the precious contribution of the speakers: a judge, a senator, a parliamentarian, a nun who works with girls who want to get out of trafficking, the director of a film on the subject who presented the trailer in the room, and the video message of the special representative of Europe for the Sahel, Hon Del Re.

WFWP consider Dignity of human being as cornerstone for a world of peace. For this reason, WFWP has always been committed to prevention and training through courses for boys and girls on the theme DISCOVERING THE REAL MYSELF, and in particular on the theme of women's DIGNITY, helping young girls and boys to discover their value, their dignity often questioned by the media. Thanks to the cooperation of IMAP more than 30 articles were published to publicize the event.


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