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WFWP Italy - Men and women of third millennium

Event to help people to understand the risks we can face in the future if we will not be able

to guide and control all the future development of I.A.

Elisabetta Nistri president of WFWP Italy opened the conference reporting on the last

event that has been held in the Peace Embassy in February, the meeting of Directory

Board of WFWP Europe. She reported about the topic that has been discussed and

the spirit of cooperation between all the participants. Giuseppe Calì president of UPF

South Europe exposed the analysis of History regarding the research for The Spiritual

growth and Truth and for the external wellbeing. The result is that now there is an

urgent need taking ownership on the use of IA considering the benefit and risks and

of course there is the need of including etic value on it use.

All the guests attended with great interest and shared their ideas and reflections with

the desires to follow future events on similar topics


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