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WFWP Middle East - WFWP volunteers in Jordan

WFWP volunteers in Jordan have been working since many decades to support and empower women through teaching skills, distribute microcredits and through organizing several courses for health, safety or academic knowledge.

The Jordanian population is young, 40% under 18 years old ( WFWP has also organized after school classes to teach the weakest and poorest children so they can catch up with school. The teachers, young university students, coach the children and make sure they get to love learning.

The WFWP main volunteer, Mrs Fusayo Irikora, says: “Our purpose in supporting needy children is to help them build a positive personality. They come from very poor families, without any other educational input than a busy class. Their future is already decided: drop out of school and become no more than labor workers. We have been trying to give them many kinds of opportunities, not just through teaching the different subjects. We want them to become resilient, so no matter what difficulties they will face in life, (poverty, no opportunities, no job....), they will overcome and live in a good way and with good values.”

Besides classes of Arabic, Maths and English, she organizes programs to give children the opportunity to develop good character. Teachers and children prepare theater plays, they go on outings to play grounds or have discussion groups with issues concerning the children.

The results are brilliant: in the February 2023 results, three of the WFWP classes’ pupils excelled in their school, coming at the top of their class and of the whole school’s grade.


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