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WFWP Russia - Masterclass on moral education for schoolchildren

On April 18 WFWP of Russia held a very unique masterclass on moral education for schoolchildren. It was very special because 4 volunteers - two highschool students and two university students helped the WFWP lecturer to give presentations.

About 150 children could attend the program.

There were two lectures: “Consequences of using obscene words “ and “Preparation for building a happy family “.

It was also meaningful that the director of the school was present at the lecture and she invited some directors and teachers from other schools.

After the lecture we had a meeting with the director. She agreed with the idea that it would be good if young volunteers continue giving lectures to younger classes. And she would like to organize a parents’ meeting on moral education next time.

The young volunteers did a very good job. Many children in their reflections wrote that they they also got a desire to become volunteers.

Just a few reflections on the topic “Preparation for building a happy family “

“This was the second time during the year when I could listen to you lecture and I would like to say that you are doing a great job and conveying a very important information. I would like to express my gratitude for your work! Thanks to you I could clearly understand what kind of family I would like to build and what True love means”

“I was really moved by the talk about True love. True love means that two people really care for each other”

“I could understand that things that most matter in love are not external appearance or salary but good character, fidelity, care, mutual understanding. I remembered that we need to keep fidelity no matter what. I really liked the example of your family. I was moved to tears”

“In order to create a happy family we need to not only expect love from our partner but we need to give love. True love means mutual trust and support. I was moved by the fact that a husband should be the best friend “


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