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WFWP Sweden - Networking with another women organization on a local level.

14th April 2024 WFWP-Sweden got an invitation to celebrate Eid, following after the month of Ramadan, by Ahmadiyya Women´s organization in Malmö. Four women from WFWP-S southern region could join the event at the Ahmadiyya Mosque in Malmö.

The event started with welcoming remarks from Atia Malik followed by a recitation from the Koran. The regional chairperson Fozia Elahi gave a

powerpoint presentation about the significance of Ramadan and about the organisation. Britta Houston was then given the floor to talk about WFWP. Many questions were raised and women from both organizations could recognize many common concerns and shared values and agreed to work together in the future.

After the presentations we enjoyed coffee and sweets together prepared by the women. We received a bag of gifts including a book and sweats and we could give away 2 books about the founder of WFWP called “Mother of Peace” to the library in the Mosque. It was a very open and heartwarming event.


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