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WFWP Europe & Eurasia - Moral Education; Love and Sexuality

On the 29th February,

67 participants attended an online seminar hosted by the Women's Federation for World Peace - Europe and Eurasia on the topic of "Love and Sexuality," focusing on helping young children understand their value. Led by moral educator Olga Vakulinskaya, the seminar aimed to unlock the secrets of true love and deepen participants' understanding of its impact on their lives. Olga Vakulinski shared about the painful experiences children face due to pressure to engage in sexual relationships at an immature age and the lack of support from some parents and teachers. She recounted moving accounts of children seeking private conversations with her to discuss their pain and heartache. Attendees actively contributed their thoughts on the topic, along with other moral educators promoting similar materials in various nations. Some participants expressed interest in organising education for parents and educators on such topics, highlighting the importance of continuing international cooperation in this field. The next seminar on "Preparation for Building a Happy Family" is scheduled for April 25th via Zoom, to save the date for another enlightening session. The event, moderated by Ms. Erica Brito Ferreira Pina from WFWP Portugal - Young professional, guided the seminar with great enthusiasm and engagement.

We look forward to welcoming many more to the next series.

Report by

Moral Education team


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