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WFWP Spain -Young Women in the working sphere: challengesand successes

The event consisted of a conversation with 3 young women as speakers and a

moderator, Anais Vega, a Biologist. They shared how they assess their professional

development, focusing on those aspects that have helped them to progress and

develop towards becoming a better professional ensuring that the service they deliver

to society in the end, is of quality and efficient.

Sunhwa Sara Marchan, nurse at a Public Hospital, Gracia Fehlberg, leader in

billing processes at IBM and Diana Sanchez de Abreu, engineer of

Telecommunication at Spotify made beautiful presentations about how they

engaged in their area of studies, and then later into their different jobs; their

challenges, difficulties and successes. They shared a deep desire to offer the

best service they can to the people they enter in contact with or the project they

are supposed to develop.

Ethics is a high priority to them and they expressed that it is important to dream

big and be passionate about their choices.

The photo is of Anais Vega.


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