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WFWP Sweden -Participating in World Peace Awards 2023 in Stockholm

World Peace Awards (WPA) founded by the Buddhist monk Dr Phramaha Boontin Taosiri,

has held yearly conferences in Stockholm since 2018 (except during the pandemic)

The theme this year was “How to create a culture of Peace”.

Participants come from all over the world, primarily from Thai and Buddhist organizations.

One high school teacher from Georgia brought her students that contributed with great enthusiasm and energy during the whole conference.

Another special guest was Nargis Hassanzai, a university professor from Kabul University in Afghanistan who gave a speech about the deprived situation for girls and women in Afghanistan concerning education and the lack of any kind of equality or human rights during the 2 year of Taliban government. She was one of several persons who received the special World Peace Award 2023.

Thanks to Lorenz Juhlin, who was part of the WPA organizing committee and instrumental in

planning the event, this year WFWP got an invitation to participate in the session about

Peace and Education. Because of the number of speakers, the time was limited to 8 min per

speaker. For me it was important to give the audience a little taste that would give rise to

curiosity and questions and with visual impressions that would last a lot longer than the

presentation itself.

First I gave an introduction to WFWP, the founding, the vision and the amazing work being done all over the world from grassroots to UN-level.In three slides I continued to show the dynamic structure of our galaxy, the atom and the family and pointed out the similarities. There is order and elationships with a center that gives stability and equal value to all parts which shows the amazing patterns in the universe that also can be applied to the social structure that make up a good and stable society.

I could also reveal that WFWP will launch a curriculum later this year that places great

emphasis on human dignity, character education and introduces a new concept called Family-archy. This concept drew a lot of attention from the audience.

The conference ended with a two day cruise to Finland. Before the departure from the hotel

Kikuko Isacson could join me in the lobby where we could mingle and connect to several of the international guests. As the two buses departed for the ferry we stood together waving goodbye with truly motherly feelings and love welling up in our hearts.


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