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WFWP UK - Third annual Artist for Peace competition for young children across the United Kingdom

23rd of September 2023.

This year's theme was "My Dream," which had been chosen by the children themselves during the previous year's event.

The competition received submissions of art pieces from children aged 5 to 16, and we were truly amazed by the wonderful creations that showcased their dreams. With beautiful brush strokes and boundless imagination, the children brought their visions to life through their artwork. It was a joy to witness their dreams manifesting in the world through their creative expressions.

The event commenced with warm greetings from the WFWP UK President, Mrs. Mitty Tohma, who encouraged the children to continue pursuing their passion for art. Following her inspiring words, the contest was skillfully guided by the delightful MC, Dawn Pollitt. Her vibrant energy and enthusiasm brought an extra layer of excitement to the event.

To appreciate and celebrate the children's contributions, we showcased a short video clip featuring each art piece. It was a heartwarming experience for everyone involved, as we immersed ourselves in the beauty and creativity displayed by these young artists. We then introduced our esteemed guest judges, Chris, Bennett, and Beatrice, who faced the challenging task of selecting the top three winners from each category. Every painting was deserving of recognition, making their task incredibly difficult.

With great anticipation, the winners were finally revealed, and the atmosphere was filled with sheer joy and excitement. The children's faces lit up with pride as they received their well-deserved accolades. To further enhance the experience, we provided an opportunity for the children to express their thoughts and emotions about their paintings through an open mic session. Their innocent and heartfelt words touched our souls and left a lasting impression on everyone present.

As the event drew to a close, the director of the Artist for Peace program, Ala Zubvoski, delivered a few closing remarks. She expressed her deep gratitude to all the participating children for sharing their talent and dreams with us. Their artwork had not only captivated our hearts but also reminded us of the immense beauty and potential that resides within each child. She thanked the organising team for their hard work to bring the whole contest together.

The Artist for Peace competition has become a cherished tradition, and we eagerly look forward to witnessing the incredible talent and imagination of the children in the years to come. The children voted for next years theme ‘My Role Model’ . Online attended by 45


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