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WFWP UN Vienna - Celebrating UN International Women's Day

Monday, March

4th, a small celebration took place at the UN in Vienna, in the Rotunda, on the

occasion of International Women's Day; The main organizer was Maria Zelda Rojas from ENFiD -European Network of Filipino Diaspora, together with UNCAV- United Nations Correspondents Association Vienna and other associations and NGOs.

The celebration was musically framed by a Filipino dance and a performance by the UN Choir.

Three gentlemen were invited to speak: Dr. Hermann KROIHER, Director of International Affairs and Public Relations at EPA Austria, Secretary General of the UNCAV, spoke in detail about the origins of International Women's Day.

Mr. Peter Haider, President of UPF Austria (Universal Peace Federation). He referred to the Bible's account of creation and emphasized that woman is the last act of creation. He notices how practical women find solutions to various problems, and how the warmth of heart can be felt in the circle of women.

The third gentleman to speak was Mr. Ivan Frank MOLEA, attaché and secretary at the Philippine Embassy in Vienna. He described his deep admiration for his mother; his father was an oversees worker, staying away from home for long periods of time, ( as is the situation for in many families in the Philippines). But also his mother earned money through hard work to be able to send her children to school! They have all arrived in academic professions.

After a few pieces of music, the ladies had their say, the first of which was Dr. Maria Riehl: She painted the picture of humanity as a family in which people seek closeness, strive to understand and help each other.

Ms. Kevite Verma, originally from India and currently head of the "UN Women's Guild", an

organization of all women associated with the UN, who raise money in various ways throughout the year, also spoke. This is then made available to international aid projects – primarily concerning women and children – upon request. A "high light" is the annual BAZAR in the run-up to Christmas.

Ms. La Neice COLLINS spoke about the importance of equal opportunities for women in education and in the workplace, but also in being able to participate in socio-political matters! Otherwise, a lot of potential for skills and creativity would remain untapped!

Ms. Ildeme "Deme" Mahinay Koch is a successful businessman and coach for women, she is also an author.

The celebration came to a pleas'ant end with a joint lunch (invitation ofUNCAV) and exchange with each other.

Renate Amesbauer


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