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WFWP Hungary, 3-Day-Program for Teenagers

WFWP Hungary held this colourful 3-day program for teenagers, from 22-24 June 2014, in Monor, Hungary: "Combined with United Nations Public Service Day, on 22 – 24. June, 2014, WFWP in Hungary organized a 3 Day Program for Teenage girls above 14 years old which was hosted in our home in Monor. It was a combination of Public Service, developing artistic skills and deepening their understanding about WFWP and its purpose. On the first day in the afternoon, the participants made their own T-shirts by painting the WFWP Logo on their T-shirts. On Monday morning 23rd of June, which is the United Nations Public Service Day, we went to Kossuth L. Kindergarten (our children’s kindergarden) in Monor. We could help to clean the playing areas, taking away the dry leaves and branches and clean the sidewalk. In the afternoon I taught the girls how to draw. That time our two neighbor’s daughters also joined us. Then we continued to paint on the stones. On Tuesday morning I talked with them about WFWP and its purpose. At the end I presented the Persian dance and we could enjoy time dancing together. In the afternoon before they left we had some personal talks and sharing. During these days for morning inspiration we were reading Mother Moon’s words. This 3 days program was a good experience for all of us. My children (6 and 3 years old) also enjoyed so much being together with the girls. On Public Service time they were helping until the end instead of going and playing in their kindergarden. For future programs we wish to develop and reach out to more and more young ladies and teenagers." Report by Parisa Nagy, WFWP Hungary President

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