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WFWP France -Bridge of Peace to commemorate the international day of Peace

To commemorate the international day of Peace , on September 24th, took place a “Bridge of Peace” ‘s event in the House of Associations in Lille, a city located in North of France. This event organised by Fumiyo Vanalderwelt, chairperson of the local branch of WFWP in northern France was co-hosted with 6 keys local associations (MDA Lille, COSIM, Avec et pour le Mali, AVERS, FSP et AVECs).

Stands from 10 associations surrounded the audience and in the front of the room stood a colorful handmade BRIDGE of PEACE next to a large display of world flags with a new creation: the TREE of PEACE.

Two talented guitarist-singers Gaby and Ronny, wholeheartedly warmed up the assembly and punctually continued to entertain the program.

In her opening remarks, Karen Makosso, president of the association COSIM HDF and Founding member of the F.A.N.A association, recognized the head of The House of Associations of Lille for her ongoing dedication and the kindness with which she welcomes that novel event here.

Next, Virginie Pinhas, vice president of WFWP-France, introduced the program with a slide show illustrating the origin and history of WFWP. Then with a charismatic eloquence she guided the 30 pairs of participants to walk through the steps crossing the Bridge of Peace while each of them was presented on screen by slides.

Fumiyo Vanalderwelt, with the 3 local key women leaders (Karen, Martine and Gwenaëlle ) planned to upgrade that edition by inviting each participating pair to not only strive to sincerely reconcile their cultural, social, or religious differences but to aim to strengthen their bond of friendship with an altruistic engagement to meet together regularly and further get involved in creative peace projects . Each pair chooses to identify itself with a pertinent motto such as solidarity, harmony, union, love, peace…

Thus, before receiving their diploma, each pair advanced up to the TREE of PEACE where on various branches they engrafted the label of their own motto. Several ladies spontaneously came up to the microphone and with a sense of pride and duty, passionately testified to the significance of their own motto and of their willingness to substantiate its meaning in practice.

In conclusion, a spirit of enthusiasm and shared purposefulness glued the whole assembly. The organizing team expressed to all their appreciation for contributing to the success of that uplifting event as well as their heartfelt gratitude towards its original inspiring founder: Dr Hak Ja Han Moon.


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