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WFWP Norway - Skien: The collaboration between heart and brain

22nd April the Pamfilius group no. 2

At this gathering nine ladies came that night and we had a great time together. The theme for the evening, which Barbro held, was "Cooperation between heart and brain". It gave us a lot to talk about, and new tools to add to our toolbox. The toolbox that doesn't belong in the shed, but which we take with us everywhere.

Barbro had baked apple cake and fried waffles, and it tasted good with the coffee.

The evening's prize was a heart-shaped cake tin. All pamfi winnings are always wrapped in gray paper with a red heart stuck on, because the idea for these gatherings grew out of the heart almost ten years ago.

We received NOK 900 to send to Nigeria that evening, and the money comes in extra handy, because Blessing's wife ended up in hospital with a serious kidney infection. She has returned home now and appears to be on the mend.

The next meeting for group 1 will be in May, but the date has not yet been set.


Inside our heart there are 40,000 neurites. It is a nervous system that has the ability to understand, remember, reinforce itself and give messages. These neurites send messages to the brain's neurons, which relay the messages from the heart out to the body. It creates a result that depends on what messages the heart sent in the first place.

The heart literally gives the message to the brain that our emotions tell. That is to say, if we are ridden with negative emotions, the brain receives a negative message. If, on the other hand, we feel good about ourselves and our situation, it is that feeling that is conveyed to the brain. The body receives the message from the brain whether we feel one or the other.

We can fine-tune this function by taking control of our emotions. Is it possible? Yes, because we have our free will to choose which thoughts we want to give space to, and thus which feelings we send to our heart.

We can always replace gloomy thoughts with brighter and lighter thoughts. It lifts us emotionally higher, which the heart picks up immediately. And then the message goes from the heart to the brain, from the brain to the body, and from the body into the ether, and then back to us with more of the same kind.

Becoming aware of this mechanism enables us to correct our emotions. This creates a strong and harmonious connection between heart and brain, which our body and our lives benefit from.

The more we practise, the stronger we become. Our lives will reflect that on all levels.

Barbro ♥


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