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World Refugee Day 25 June 2022

We are deeply grateful to our brothers and sisters in Europe for constant help!

As we celebrated World Refugee Day on June 20th, we had a few beautiful actions in Ukraine and Poland for almost 200 refugees and IDPs dedicated to that date. Two projects went in Warsaw and Wroclaw Cities in Poland, with the support of WFWP of Japan and Poland.

Forty-four Ukrainian refugees took part in a meeting in Warsaw. They learned practical advice from WFWP-Poland head and psychologist Oleksandra Skonechna on how to overcome stressful situations and respond to life circumstances. Participants also had music and dance performances, origami workshop, a master class on making Japanese sushi and roles.

One hundred and thirty Ukrainian refugees took part in a cultural program in Wroclaw with traditional Japanese performances and master-classes. Everyone received calligraphy of their names from a Japanese master. All families also received financial support, and kids got sweets, toys and kits for sports and creativity.

On the eve of World Refugee Day WFWP-Japan representatives, who came in purpose to take care of Ukrainian refugees, visited our families in Germany. They listened to their tearful stories of escaping death in Bucha and Hostomel Cities.

And thanks to WFWP-France donation, we could make a beautiful action on World Refugee Day in Ukraine. We bought grocery gifts sets for our internally displaced community in the Western Ukraine. Everyone was grateful to receive tasty gifts, as we are already facing a shortage of basic products in Ukraine and have to safe on food.

We also bought beef and chicken stew for the local center for IDPs. They were happy, as they accommodate and feed many internally displaced every day.

Thank you for all your support and prayers!


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