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Easter family retreat in Kloten, Sweden

From Thursday, 6th April, to Monday, 10th April, Women's Federation for World Peace Norway and Sweden held a joint retreat in the beautiful nature of Kloten, Sweden. The theme of the retreat was "Harmony in the Family" and people of all ages and faith backgrounds were invited. There were parallel programs for adults and children with joint family activities in the afternoon. In the adult program, three therapists were invited to give talks on their work which included: The Power of Imagination, Gestalt Therapy, and Original Energy Code. After the talks, participants could book private sessions with any of the therapists. In addition, there was a talk about men and women by David Cisigani who also had a birthday during the retreat. We celebrated his birthday together with cake and a song. The children's program included lots of fun and engaging crafts and activities such as painting, bracelet making, a scavenger hunt, and a Swedish version of hide and seek. The joint program in the afternoons focused on family bonding. One such activity was the word puzzle trail in the forest where teams followed a forest trail which had posts on the trees stating a riddle or trivia question. A favorite among all the participants was sauna day where we could enjoy a traditional Swedish sauna and icebathing (for those brave enough). We are hoping that all the participants can leave feeling rejuvenated physically, emotionally and in their familial relationships.


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