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Ukraine Appeal

WFWP-Ukraine representative Anna Kalmatskaya presented their situation at the IAFLP Conference on 15 September 2022.

Though the majority of our members became refugees or internally displaced persons we haven’t stopped our activity since the outbreak of the war, and our work has become even larger as we got hundreds of requests for help from many people who faced the horror and the consequences of war.

Mrs. Tetiana Kotseba, head of the board, has been staying in the capital of Ukraine, the city of Kyiv, since the war started. The mother of five children, winner of more than 50 different awards from state and public organizations, Mrs. Kotseba has been the head of the organization since its foundation in Ukraine in 2007.

The project is aimed at providing psychological, humanitarian and medical aid to families who suffered from the war and who are staying in rural areas in the Kyiv region. We are going to reach at least 100 people from the needy segments of the population. More than half of our beneficiaries are displaced from places of hostilities. They moved to small villages, where they found simple housing and difficult living conditions. Having faced the horror of war, many of them are traumatized and need psychosocial support. Very often these are large families, the elderly, and people with disabilities, and there are obstacles to their movement to places of assistance.

They do not have access to information or to legal or social assistance, and simple they don’t have finances. Many times, they cannot even apply for status as internally displaced persons. The solution for such people is for help to come to them.

All these people are wards of the Ministry of Veteran Affairs, namely of the Kyiv-Svyatoshin center for social and psychological rehabilitation in the City of Boyarka. The center has been our long-term partner since 2015. It is a state institution that was originally created to help people affected by the consequences of the Chornobyl disaster, and since 2014 it has been reclassified as a center for helping internally displaced people. It has vast experience in providing various kinds of assistance to people in need. The director of the center is an honored worker in the social sphere of Ukraine, the nominee of the “Woman of the Year” award, given by our organization, and an honored member of WFWP-Ukraine.

How will the project proceed? The multidisciplinary team of specialists of the Kyiv-Svyatoshin center for social and psychological rehabilitation in the City of Boyarka will go to rural areas of the Kyiv region to provide on-site psychological, medical, consulting and humanitarian assistance to the above categories. The team will consist of a professional psychologist, doctor, social worker, lawyer and others. This “emergency team” will go 1-2 times a week to different villages and deliver aid to those in need.

People in remote villages, in war conditions, not only have difficulty accessing information and medical care, but also lack basic things, like food, clothes, and shoes. Therefore, a mandatory component of the project is the provision of humanitarian assistance and supplies of necessities to at least 100 people.

What do we need in order to implement the project?

We need 15€ for psychological consultation for each person and 136€ to form a humanitarian aid package for each person. The package will consist of food, medicine, clothes, footwear, and blankets. And we need about 6194€ for the project’s operating expenses. The total amount is 19 794€.

I want to point out that WFWP-Ukraine has had a huge experience in helping IDPs since 2014. And since the war’s outbreak on February 24th, we have held dozens of various activities helping refugees and IDPs, providing assistance with medications, food, and bedding for more than 100 internally displaced people, and helping more than 50 Ukrainian families to evacuate abroad from places of hostilities. Many of these actions became possible thanks to our partners in Europe. And I want to use this chance to thank the Women’s Federation of Europe, the Women’s Federation of Belgium, France, and the United Kingdom for their donations and the various actions carried out by them on the field to support Ukraine.

To conclude my presentation, I want to introduce the project coordinator from the Ukrainian side, Mrs. Liudmila Hrabovenko, a WFWP-Ukraine member, public figure, and the owner of a private collection of Ukrainian scarfs and towels.

We will be grateful for your support and we are open to cooperation!

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