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WFWP Ireland co-sponsoring the SFP Interfaith Gathering

WFWP Ireland, Interfaith Gathering and Iftar, 3 April 2023

We had such a lovely night at the Interfaith Gathering and Iftar (fast-breaking meal during Ramadan) on 3 April 2023 with the ladies from the Muslim Association of Ireland also known as the Tallaght Mosque. WFWP Ireland co-sponsored the SFP (Sisters of Faith for Peace) for this event

We enjoyed a very warm welcome: while seated in a beautiful space, we had a wonderful time meeting each other - Muslim, Christian and Jewish ladies - and having fun during the interactive programme. When the time came for the Muslim ladies to break their fast, we could observe their prayer- and fast-breaking ritual and then enjoy a lovely and tasty food buffet together. We were also gifted small tokens to remember the evening. It was a wonderful opportunity to learn about Ramadan and the Muslim practices and to get to know each other in such an enjoyable and hands-on way.

It was also remarkable that during this week all three Abrahamic faiths celebrated their most holy days - as the Jewish Passover began on 5 April 2023, and the same week also marked the Christian Holy Easter Week, all in this way coinciding with the Islamic Ramadan, thus reminding us of our shared father of faith Abraham. We wish all our friends - Muslims, Jews and Christians, a happy and blessed Passover, Easter and Ramadan at this special and holy time!

Thank you to all the ladies from the Muslim Association who worked so hard on the evening, from the wonderful programme to amazing food.

We received beautiful feedback afterwards, please see a few testimonials below:

"A huge and sincere thank you for.. such a beautiful event yesterday. I have heard so much about your work,..but this was my first chance to attend an in-person event. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed having the chance to dialogue with such a genuinely diverse group of women and how powerful it was... to be able to communicate across language and culture to commonalities. The women of other faiths at my table and I were agreeing what a privilege it was to observe our sisters praying and being in a position to break the fast with them". "Thank you so very much again for a lovely and very enlightening evening on Monday last at the Tallaght mosque. And again to commend you for the work you are doing to unite people of different faiths and create harmony, may you be blessed in all directions" (A guest who joined us from Wexford).


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