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WFWP Italy - Attending the Papal audience

9 November 2022

Recently Elisabetta Nistri, president of WFWP Italy, was invited to join the Women of Faith in Dialogue – Religion for Peace organization, representing WFWP, and on 9th November they were invited to attend the Papal audience.

A significant delegation of women of various faiths (Catholic, Evangelical, Adventist, Hindu, Buddhist of the Zen tradition and Soga Gakkai, Bahai, Muslim, Jewish, Sikh, Unificationist) gathered in St. Peter's Square to access the area reserved for them, waiting to be able to give the Supreme Pontiff a plaque as a souvenir of their visit, and the Phoenix painting by the Iranian painter Rasta Safari, representing the battle between darkness and light.

Elisabetta Nistri thanked the Holy Father for His Holiness’s beautiful speech, reiterating the importance of collaboration between all religions, and donated the VOICES OF PEACE magazine and leaflets of the WFWP activities.


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