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WFWP Europe
Women's Federation Europe

Women's Federation for World PeaceWomen's Federation

​​Leadership Education​
UN and International Exchange​
Service and Sharing

WFWP is seeking to empower women with knowledge, skills and the support needed to discover their unique value and bring peace at home, peace in our communities, our nations and our world.

During the past 20 years WFWP has spread to over 122 nations and as an NGO, has obtained General Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations. In Europe we are active in 37 countries.

It was on April 10, 1992, that our founder Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, together with her husband the Rev. Sun Myung Moon, inaugurated WFWP, and proclaimed the Era of Women. They called on women worldwide to play a central role in providing a new leadership paradigm based on their innate Godgiven dignity, and contribute to society with their unique sense of nurturing and love. The founders foresaw that a more nurturing way of leadership, one that embodies compassion, love and righteousness, is needed to bring about the “tipping point” for transformation at this crucial time in history. Women truly can make a difference.

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