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Conference Content, Photos, Presentation recordings and Bios


Opening Banquet

Opening banquet.png
Philippa Karsera Christodoulides_edited.


1. Moderator: Ms. Marcia de Abreu, WFWP Europe Secretary General/ WFWP Spain President

2. Welcome Greetings

Ms. Mitty Tohma, WFWP Europe President, WFWPI Vice President, UK

3. Ms. Moriko Hori, WFWPI President, WFWP President, Japan

4. Dr. Zoe Bennett, WFWP Middle East President, WFWPI Vice President, Cyprus

5. Greetings fromH.E. Mrs. Philippa Karsera,

     First Lady of the Republic of Cyprus

Session I

Session I
The Invaluable Contribution of Women to Peace Education

Session 1 a.JPG


Session Ia
Moderator: Ms. Elisabetta Nistri, WFWP President, Italy

Identity and Human Dignity

Ms. Ingrid Lindemann, Former WFWP President, Co-Founder Dignity Project, Germany

Ms. Lubica Magnusson,  WFWP President, Slovakia



Session Ib
Moderator: Dr. María Riehl, Director ofWFWP UN Vienna, Austria

Peace Leadership and Peace Culture

Ms. Carolyn Handschin, CSW/NGO Geneva President, Switzerland

Ms. Laetitia Van Haren, Cultural Anthropologist, Former Director of Defense for Children, Netherland

Session II

Session II
The Power of Women’s Networks in Building a Culture of Peace.
Taking Action for Peace: the Way Forward

Session 2.JPG


Moderator: Ms. Britta Houston, WFWP President, Sweden

H.E. Anneli Jäätteenmäki, Former Prime Minister, Finland

Ms. Sophia Giorgala, President of Women without Borders, Cyprus

Ms. Lubjana Malaj, Center for Education and Social Advancement, Executive Director, Albania

Ms. Aleksandra  Skonieczna, WFWP President, Poland

Session III

Session III
The Importance of Women’s Voices in Creating a Culture of Peace:
The Middle East Perspective seen from within and from the outside



Moderator: Dr. Zoe Bennett, WFWP Middle East President, WFWPI Vice President

H.E.  Neziha Labidi, Former Minister of Women, Family and Children, Tunisia - 1st half of video

Ms. Fatemah Alacrookah, Pioneers for Peace 1325, President, Kuwait - 2nd half of video

Ms. Carmen Magallón, President of Fundación Seminario de Investigación para la Paz, Spain

Ms. Maryam Alan Kairouz, Student of Psychology at the Lebanese American University, Lebanon

Session IV

Session IV
Creating a Sustainable Future:
Women’s Role in Environmental Peacebuilding

Session 4.JPG
WhatsApp Bilde 2023-11-11 kl. 17.13.50_163615b5.jpg
WhatsApp Bilde 2023-11-11 kl. 17.12.53_49c9ce3c.jpg


Moderator: Ms. Sara Marchan, WFWP Young Women Representative, Spain

Ms. Kefilwe Lebepe, WFWPI Young Professionals Coordinator, Germany

Ms. Anais Vega, WFWP Youth Representative, Spain

Ms. Gloria Marinsanti, “Mondo Internazionale” APS, Secretary General, Italy

Ms. Sharon Kabubi, Co-Chair of Young Women Speech Contest, UK


Session V
Awards and Closing Session

Session V
Session 5.JPG


Moderator: Ms. Brigitte Wada, WFWP President, France

Ms. Ninetta Kazantzis, Secretary General, Mediterranean Children’s Movement
1st half of the video

Ms. Nargis Hassanzai, Founder Farkhunda Foundation - 2nd half of the video

Ms Thecia Kwangsa Mbunwe, Chairwoman of Southern Cameroon European Women e.V and

Paulette  Mengnjo, Southern Cameroon European Women

Rapporteur and Resolution

Ms. Kyung-in Van De Ven, WFWP UN Representative, Vienna​

Participant reflections 

Ms. Amanda Toumanguelov, WFWP Ireland Vice President - 1st third of the video

Global Women Peace Ambassador Awards, middle of the video

Closing Remarks
Ms. Mitty Tohma, WFWP Europe President, WFWPI Vice President, last 3rd of the video


Photo Gallery

Ms. Gloria Diana Marinsanti

Ms. Sera Mustafa

Ms. Sara Koy

Ms. Sharon Kabubi 

Ms. Kefilwe Lebepe

Ms. Anaïs Vega

Photo Gallery

Photos will be added / changed as we are receiving more and better ones.

The atmosphere

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