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As one of the economical social and political developments, the WF launched an educational speech program - solely sponsored by the UK chapter of the Womens Federation for World Peace.

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Since 2015 this program has provided a remarkable platform for the young women of today to speak their minds, to deepen their thoughts, to speak a truth and to give us an insight into the beliefs and values they continue to advocate for everyday. ​The gift of public speaking is not one to be undermined for it is powerful. For that is when people come together; when individuals express their truths, do we remember and realise that we as human beings could not be anymore connected through our similarities and differences. This platform has arisen out of the hope and need for the world to be inspired by today's young generation and tomorrow's leaders

Young Women's Speech Contest: Mother Earth, Our Home; Connect, Protect and Care

8th October 2022.

Young Women's Speech Contest is an essential part of the WFWP UK activity; it encourages young women to express their ideas, speak their minds, present their projects, and inspire others to do the same. The speech was created to build essential social skills, confidence and leadership in young women who wish to participate. In collaboration with members of the WFWP UK, contestants go through various stages of selection and preparation training.

This year's YWSC introduced a topic concerning sustainability and protection of planet Earth; "Mother Earth, Our Home; Connect, Protect and Care". The speech contest was held in person at 42 Lancaster gate, the official venue for the YWSC, as well as online, live on the WFWP UK official Facebook page.

The structure of the speech contest involved a formal introduction and MC Ena Softic, video introducing WFWPI activities, opening remarks by Amina Meshuni, followed by speeches of the 7 finalists; Batool Hussain Wali, Nadia Azizuddin, Rhiannon Davies, Arushi Madan, Beatrice Gaina, Khonaf Kako and Mahfuza Khandokar. Before the 2022 Finals results were announced a new YWSC program in Uganda presented by Sharon Kabubi. Sharon Kabubi shared on her experience launching the YWSC in Kampala, Uganda in partnership with the WFWP Uganda chapter this August. She gave a brief account of the success of the YWSC expansion, receiving about 40 applications and selecting 11 Finalists for the live finals which where hosted at Fairway Hotel on Saturday the 6th of August. Teddy Aine was crowned WFWP Uganda YWSC 2022 1st prize winner.

In the UK the judges Dr Christina Scharff, Mr Matthew Huish and Ms Sharon Kabubi had made a difficult yet a uniform decision on the winner of the YWSC 2022 UK; Khonaf Kako. Story written by Khonaf depicted her childhood in Syria, and the scarcity fuelled efforts of her family to re-use, re-cycle and up-cycle clothing and other items in her household. The speech also introduced young women's modern take on recycling discarded items and creation of sustainable clothing for children. Conclusive words inspired the future of sustainable fashion, architecture, and lifestyles. The ceremony concluded with photographs being taken and celebration.

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