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WFWP South London - afternoon tea

On 28 th October WFWP South London, held and afternoon tea to listen Dr. Sharma speaking on Ayurveda ancient science that was originated more than 5 thousand years ago, is a holistic treatment providing a wholesome approach, to address the root of the health problems.

Dr Sh arma is the founded of ‘Ayurvedaheaven’ which offers Ayurvedic treatments in London for more than 20 years. She has treated manypatients with long term conditions. Her clinic has a team of male and female therapists to provide Ayurvedic massage therapy, under her recommendations. The clinic offers healthy lifestyle as well as yoga

classes for small groups of 3 to 4 people.

Dr Sharma has strong connections with the NHS. In addition to her on practice in Sutton, she serves as a Deputy Chief Technician and Clinical Trials at the Royal Marsden NHS trust.

A charming group of ladies and gentlemen’s gathered together to listened Dr. Sharma’s lecture. They all show great interest and at the end questions were allowed to ask.

Dr Sharma with professionalism and a lot of concern gave answers to the questions.

Report by Dolores Read Coordinator for South London Branch.


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