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WFWP Austria, Intercultural Friendship Meeting

WFWP held an "Intercultural Friendship Meeting" in the country village of Haibach in Upper-Austria. Women of 8 nationalities came from different parts of Austria to meet and share with local women.

The "Meeting House" which is a project of two women from the village -Mirjami and Gerlinde - attracted much interest about what kind of activities we offer in the countryside and what our 'Meeting House' looks like. We got to learn and share more about the activities of WFWP at the UN and Dr. Shantu Watt empowered us with her lecture about "Talents of Women". Ingrid Gumpelmaier from the small city of Eferding (close to Haibach) shared about the succesful development of her own design Fairytale fashion; she works together with a small family business in Nepal. We had a wonderfull day together and hope to meet again for an entire weekend as our beautiful village offers many activities and beautiful scenery to relax and enjoy. Greetings Mirjami Ledermüller

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