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Interview on the Portuguese-African TV channel RTP Africa

For our Portuguese speakers: Our WFWP Portugal President Marta de Carvalho Rodrigues participated in a TV Interview on the Portuguese-African TV channel RTP Africa, in a program called ‘Bem Vindos’. It took place in the ‘Company of Ideas’ Studio in Lisbon on 24 June 2015. This interview came about as a result of the partnership between WFWP Portugal and CulturFACE Association, the Miss CPLP Committee.

As part of the Miss CPLP Contest which will take place later this year, WFWP Portugal was invited to take part in the training and preparation of the young women candidates, and to promote the values that WFWP stand for. CulturFACE Association in turn is going to promote and advertise the purpose, goals and activities of WFWP.

The group of respondents during the interview were: * Dr. Celso Soares - President of CulturFACE Association - “Miss CPLP Committee’s Project” * Mrs Jackeline - Miss Communication CPLP 2014 * Marta de Carvalho Rodrigues - WFWP Portugal President

Claudia Leal who conducted the interview, afterwards expressed her interest in participating in WFWP and any future events.

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