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WFWP South London, Talk on Crystal Healing,

UK, Feb 2014Updated last ThursdayOver twenty ladies attended the talk with great expectations on Healing with Crystals.The talk was given by Mrs. Kapila Patel. Mrs. Patel had a display of many shapes and colours of crystals on the table. She explained that the colour of the crystals and stones have a relationship with the colour of the seven chakras of the body.She said that every crystal according to their colour has a different effect on our body. For example the purple or violet colour relates to the seventh or crown chakra (pineal gland), and is beneficial for insomnia and a nervous or irritated state of mind. The blue colour, fifth or throat chakra, is beneficial for nausea, sore throats, tension and so on. She explained also that all crystals and stones influence our body and give beneficial energy. They are indeed marvellous examples of God’s magnificent creation and are living and growing entities. Our perception of them has evolved as we have evolved, so the planet and everything in it, such as stones and crystals evolve, take form and grow, as we grow into ever greater spiritual awareness. After the talk a session of questions and answers developed. Mrs. Patel gave many answers in a very convincing way. More discussion continued through the lunch break.

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