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From Woman to Woman - Music to Help Heal the War Wounds of Srebrenica Survivors

Help us continue our project, which uses music, body movement, and psychosocial assistance as tools for healing, to support the women in Eastern Bosnia.

We have received this message from lulia Socea from an organisation called 'Musicians without Borders' sharing about a beautiful project they working on. Please take a look:Hi!My name is Iulia Socea and I’m currently working with Musicians without Borders (Netherlands) on a beautiful project in partnership with the Bosnian NGO Snaga Zene/Women Strength. The project uses the power of music to help heal emotional wounds and build community, in support of the women who are still haunted by traumatic experiences of violence, dislocation, and loss of dear ones, during the ethnic “cleansing” in the Bosnian war, especially in the Srebrenica region, Bosnia and Herzegovina.Almost 20 years later, the lives of many women in Srebrenica are still stuck in that terrifying summer of 1995 that took away their husbands, sons, fathers and brothers - the over 8000 Bosnian men killed in the worst European massacre since WW2. 'From Woman to Woman' is an initiative trying to help these women move on.As a fellow organization working on women issues, we’d be honored if you if you visited our campaign page and shared the link to the campaign on your FB page and with your team, and help us reach out to people who share our concern for the situation of women in conflict situations. work has drawn considerable attention and your support would be invaluable. Thank you so much!All the best,Iulia

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