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WFWP Slovakia, Japanese Healing Workshop

WFWP Slovakia held this event about Seitai, a Japanese healing method:

'On Friday 25th April 2014 WFWP Slovakia organized another of its regular monthly Japanese events with the title „Seitai exercise“. SEITAI is a Japanese healing method which uses natural restorative processes of our body. It has two parts – massage and exercises to harmonize different body parts and restore the blocked places in human body. This time our event was focused on healthy lifestyle, exercises and healthy diet. 10 guests and 8 members attended this event under the guidance of Seiko Jakubacova, WFWP SK Vice-president and her husband Stefan Jakubac, who was helping with interpretation. Their 13-year old son Leo served as an usher and photographer. As every month we met in a Sushi bar in the city centre of Bratislava where Seiko and Štefan rent a room to provide Japanese and classical massage. At the beginning of the event Lubica Magnusson reported on recent WFWP activities in Slovakia and abroad. She invited guests for events which are to come in May: Japanese evening on Temari Sushi on May 15 Slovak - Austrian WFWP meeting on May 24 Family Day in nature on May 31 This time Seiko showed us special exercises to strengthen but the same time relax different body parts which everybody can practise alone at home, best regularly every day for certain time to keep our body healthy and well. Both men and women enjoyed also the second part of the evening when Seiko taught us how to cook a simple soup from celery stems to lose weight and internally clean our body. She shared her personal experience with this slim diet and inspired all participants to try it. We had also an opportunity to taste the soup which she had prepared for us. The soup was very delicious and everybody liked it. At the end of the event several guests expressed gratitude for the activities we are doing in the field of WFWP. One lady, the former tutor at high school, appreciated „Free Teens” program with sexual education for young people in schools which is supported by WFWP in Slovakia. All participants left with the determination to start healthier lifestyle in nowadays busy, stressful and hectic society. Thank you Seiko, Stefan and Leo!' Reported by Lubica Magnússon WFWP SK President

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