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WFWP Italy, Ukranian School Celebration

WFWP Italy participated in this End-of-the year-Celebration of the Ukrainian School in Rome, on 31 May 2014. Elisabetta Nistri sent us this report: The WFWP President was invited to participate in the celebration for the end of the year ofthe Ukrainian Saturday School. The purpose of this school is to help Ukrainian children living in Italy to know their origins and traditions, to study their mother tongue and thus be able do get the Ukrainian school certificate. Some of them live in Italy only with their mothers, some older ones are without parents. The celebration was also attended by the Ukrainian Ambassadors to Italy and to the Holy See; they expressed their heartfelt appreciation for the initiative of the WFWP during the Conference at the European Parliament held in March, when they collected signatures in support of Ukraine from all the people attending the event. President Elisabetta Nistri spoke about the beauty of the various cultures and traditions; she remarked how it is important for the children to know their homeland. Like the flowers are beautiful because of their variety, so are the different types of races in the world. Diversity should not be a cause of division, but a source of enrichment, in a spirit of mutual respect. Finally she expressed her wish for a quick resolution of the conflict in Ukraine. Elisabetta Nistri

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