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Family Solutions to World Problems, UN Geneva

15 Sept 2014 (4 photos)

Je-Ok's report from 15 Sept at the UN Geneva: Report on the event on the issue ‘Protection of the Family’ co-sponsored by WFWP 15th September Part 2: “Family Solutions to World Problems” Susan Roylance from the Howard Center for Family, Religion & Society stated that the family was not seen as a solution of the problem yet, even though the family is fundamental e.g. to overcome poverty, child mortality and to provide education to children. A very inspiring talk was given by Cindy Packard who is the founder and Board member of Care for Life. She was living many years in Mozambique to try out her way to help the families to help themselves. She thinks that help from developed countries makes them dependent. Therefore, she wants to solve the root of the extreme poverty. To bring sustainable change she and her husband were working with the families in a community. They were teaching the community skills and providing them with the knowledge and practical training to become specialists in different fields to help each other and become independent. Families were starting their own businesses and earning enough money to even send their children to school and university. “Our program was only so successful because we focused on the family.” (C.Packward) She clearly stated that the best solution to diminish poverty is to focus on families! Je-ok Presser

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