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People of Ireland: Stand Strong for Marriage!

Dear friends, In two weeks’ time, on Friday, 22nd May 2015, a referendum will be held in Ireland on Same-Sex Marriage (SSM). Should the Irish people vote for it, it will be the first time ever that any sovereign nation will have adopted SSM by popular vote.

We want to ask you to today to help protect the sanctity of marriage and the natural family, and to sign this petition. Many of the 'No' posters in the streets of Ireland are aggressively and illegally being removed, but we need to defend democracy and people’s right to freedom of conscience without fear of being persecuted or judged for being prejudiced.

Right now, there is a mammoth battle between the ‘No’ side, which is fighting to preserve marriage as between a man and a woman, and the other side, which is seeking to redefine marriage as between, “two persons without distinction as to their sex.” (Proposed wording of the amendment) This is more than just a battle to preserve marriage. This is also a battle to preserve the natural family. And, also, this is a battle to preserve freedom of conscience.

This fight is not just about Ireland. What happens in Ireland will, no doubt, affect opinion all over the world. Please support the ‘No’ side with your prayer and by signing the petition below. It is open and accessible to people from all around the world.

There are also more links and info about the topic on the petition page. Thank you!…/22084-people-ireland-stand-strong-ma…

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