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WFWP Italy was represented at conference in Rome in the Mitreo Conference Hall

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Elisabetta Nistri, WFWP President, sent us this report: “On 30th May 2015, Isabella Pilenga, President of the Association ‘Facivilita’ organised a convention entitled ‘Dawn of Females’ to which Elisabetta Nistri was invited to participate with a speech about ‘Women of the New Era’. In her speech she spoke about ‘Women of the New Era’ are among those who, listening to their own original nature that reflects the femininity of God, will bring their contribution besides that of man to build universal peace. This is a new era that in Korea is called Cheon Il Guk, the place where two become one.

Man and women, Heaven and Earth, Science and Religion, Politics and Spirituality, Technical Education and Morality - need to unite to realise the final goal of a humanity at peace. To realise this in every role of responsibility in institutions, there should be a True Parent couple with concern for others and with an honest and sincere heart,

Among the speakers was Donattina Persichetti, President of the Women's Regional Consult. She spoke about how society was guided and structured principally by men, and it's for this reason that there is a great lack in the services and structures that women, children, the family and elderly people may need. This is why it is necessary that women's contribution should be taken seriously.

The psychologist Chiara Gambino, spoke about some causes and motivations that may, between some couples, stimulate violence. Her advice was to become more internally stable and harmonious before committing to being linked as a couple, because it is necessary to love yourself. At times problems arise from a lack of self esteem or a lack of parental love.Many other speakers offered their contributions on the following topics: "Find within yourself the source of true femininity "Harmony of opposites""Organisation systems of men and women" "The figure of Santa Chiara" "Mind and body unity"Mandala’s thoughts and exercise peaceful meditation.”

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