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WFWP Rome, Italy, ‘Little Ambassador of Peace’ Ceremony, Rome,

WFWP Rome, Italy, ‘Little Ambassador of Peace’ Ceremony, Rome, 28 May 2015: WFWP Rome held a ceremony to deliver the title "Little Ambassador of Peace”, it that took place at the UPF Peace Embassy in Colle Mattia, Rome, on 28 May 2015. This year, as it is the WFWP's tradition, the recognition of this title was assigned to Aurora who saw the light of the capital on 1st January at midnight. The child also received a gold medal, depicting the dove of peace and a certificate.

The Women's Federation for World Peace (WFWP) international movement, present at the UN, is the initiator and promoter of the event. It also considered it important to combine it with "Parent's Day", promoted by the ONU, because in this way they could create awareness on parenting issues. The WFWP holds that fathers and mothers are both essential to children's psychological and emotional development and they consider the family to be like a school where social skills are acquired.

The ceremony was attended by families and the Little Ambassadors of Peace, and included some time of sharing thoughts, happy moments, and ideals.

It concluded with a photo shoot of the beautiful Aurora. Just as tradition says, she joined the event held by the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification. This initiative was created by the Women's Federation in 2000 in Padova which since 2004 has been extended to national level, always finding more families and institutions to join. Since 2009 the ceremony has received Ministerial Patronage.

Reported by Elisabetta Nistri WFWP Italy President

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