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WFWP Bergamo/Italy,Fundraiser for Philippine Victims

WFWP Bergamo/Italy,Fundraiser for Philippine Victims,Nov/Dec 2013Av WFWP Europe - Women's Federation for World Peace · Oppdatert for ca. en måned sidenLovely report from WFWP Bergamo/Italy about their fundraiser for the typhoon victims in the Philippines. This report is by Elisabeth Ciacciarelli (Schneider) and the photos include the letter of thanks written by the Catholic Sister in Cebu: After the Haiyan typhoon that, on November 10th, has hit the Philippines, WFWP-Italia, on a proposal from the Italian WFWP Bergamo, has decided to take action in order to help the populations there. Through our dear Peace Ambassador in Bergamo, Sister Leonor Gomez, from the Philippines, we have learnt that the Congregation of Passionist Sisters, of which she is a member, directs a school in the Cebu community, which has been destructed by the Typhoon. Giannina Figus, the President of WFWP Bergamo, started to exchange messages with the Mother Superior of the Congregation in Cebu, in order to receive more information, and we came to know that the situation there is dramatic: many of the teachers have lost relatives, the whole community has suffered severe damages, and the school that had been built with donations and sacrifices of the community has been severely damaged. Immediately after the typhoon the sisters of the Congregation had started to distribute rice and give help to the victims who were left without anything. There is a complete and functioning project to restructurante the school, but its realization depends on the availability of means. The sisters wish to complete 4 classrooms for the nursery school and elementary school. So WFWP Italy decided to support the rebuilding of the school and to help the community that had been severely damaged, through helping the Passionist Sisters’ Congregation, and organizing here in Italy a fundraising activity. Later Giannina also had the opportunity to speak on the phone with the Superior Mother of the Congregation in Manila, because in Cebu the Internet connection did not work. Then WFWP has sent to everyone a video, prepared there by the Passionist Sisters, about the dramatic situation of this region of Philippines. We have sent this video to all our contacts in Bergamo and as well on the Italian level. Quickly funds arrived into the account of WFWP. The donations collected have been a total of € 5600. The highest donor is a company in Bergamo, which has donated € 4500. The total amount was then paid directly into the account of the Passionist Sisters in Cebu. On December 28th, we have received a letter from the Superior Mother of the Cebu Congregation, Sister Maria Ofelia, who has sent many thanks and has explained with lots of love the renovation works that will be done in their school; she has sent as well some photographs, which we join to the present report.

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